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 Top Stories (2017 Archive)

Ohio Still Blames Mom for Official’s Mistake
The state’s reply to Valerie Bradley’s appeal reveals the inconsistency and weakness of its case against her.

More Top Stories (2017 Archive)

Join our school. Oops, no room! … Aaand now you’re truant.

Little League Policy: Home Run for Military Homeschoolers

Cuban Family to Go on Trial for Homeschooling

North Dakota Expands Standardized Testing Options

HSLDA Persuades Hospital to Hire Homeschool Grad

Official Retracts Faulty Letter, Apologizes for Alarming Family

School Officials Repeatedly Harass Homeschooling Family

HR 610 Languishes in Committee

Governor Vetoes New Homeschool Law

Cosmetology School Gets a Policy Makeover

Officials Agree to Stop Fishing for Extra Info

Stanley Black & Decker Won’t Let Homeschool Grad Get Away

Goodbye “Application.” Hello “Notice.”

Judge Gorsuch’s Take on International Law

Make America Beautiful Again!

HSLDA Opposes Daytime Curfews. Period.

School Official Falsely Labels Child Illiterate

Lineman School Rejects Graduate’s Homeschool Diploma

When a Sick Child Misses School, It’s Not Neglect

Trump to Sign Repeal of Dangerous Education Regulations

Phone Call Saves Student $12,000

Senator Pulls Dangerous Bill Limiting Homeschooling

Proposed Bill Would Treat Homeschooling as Abuse

Governor Signs Bill Giving Access to Pre-ACT

“Home School Check. Please Give Us a Call.”

Want to Stay Free? Go to a Homeschool Capitol Day

Could Guaranteed Admission Crowd Out Homeschool Grads?

We Wish Every School Official Were This Nice

Officials Interpret Law as a License to Pry

Graduate’s Job Snag Leads to Better Hiring Policy

4 Ways That HR 610 Will Threaten Your Rights

New Doctorate Helps HSLDA Consultant Speak Up for Struggling Learners

Will Trump Reject These Dangerous UN Treaties?

School Wrongly Throws Family into DCF Investigation

Enrollment Down? Let’s Harass Homeschoolers!

Calling All Homeschool Scientists: Special Invitation to the USA X-STEM Symposium

When Keeping Good Records isn’t Enough

Never Mind What the Law Says, We Think You’re Truant

University Requires Special Test for Homeschool Graduates

Colleges: Are You a Real Homeschool Graduate?

Mom Fights to Bring Son Home from Boarding School

Granite State Homeschoolers Unite for Freedom

Dear Court: The Ferrises Deserve a Trial

Court Praises Mom, Then Finds Her Guilty

Saga of the Bad Compulsory Attendance Law

An Important Message from Michael P. Farris

U.S. Virgin Islands: Activists Propel Homeschool-Friendly Bill

Official Implies Homeschool Programs are Inferior

Diploma Showdown at the Kid Corral

2016: A Year of Victories and New Challenges