Darren Jones
Staff Attorney

A homeschool graduate, Darren Jones received his J.D. from Oak Brook College of Law. While enrolled in law school, he first worked for Christian Solidarity International, a human rights organization assisting persecuted Christians around the world, and later came to work for HSLDA as a legal assistant. Today, as a litigation attorney, Darren assists Jim Mason in preparing cases and defending members who are experiencing legal difficulty.

Darren and his wife Sara were married on September 30, 2000, and they have four children, Adelaide, Stuart, Daphne and Phillip. They "officially" began homeschooling in April 2005.

Title:Dads Who Homeschool
Length:45-60 minutes
Type:General Session, Workshop
Topic:Education, Encouragement, Motivational, Parenting
Audience:Fathers, Mothers, New Homeschoolers, Veteran Homeschoolers
Description:Although in many homeschooling families, Mom is the day-to-day teacher with input and support from Dad, it doesn’t have to be that way—and often isn’t. What happens when Dad is the primary educator—and not just for the seriously cool science experiments? Navigating play dates, setting schedules, maintaining the routine—all bring their own special challenges. Darren Jones gives advice and encouragement for Dads Who Homeschool.

Title:Going the Second Mile: Support Groups and Homeschool Families in Crisis
Length:45 minutes–1 hour
Type:General Session, Workshop
Topic:Encouragement, Legal, Political
Audience:All, Support Group Leaders
Description:Support groups often have the opportunity to assist families who are experiencing difficulty in their homeschooling. Divorce, abandonment, unexpected special education needs or mental illness, or just falling behind due to too much on their plate—all of these present unique challenges to homeschooling families. HSLDA Staff Attorney Darren Jones discusses ways the homeschool community can rally to help “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

Title:Literature that Proclaims Christ: Stories to Show How Christians Look at Life, the Universe, and Everything
Length:45–60 minutes
Type:General Session, Support Group Leaders, Workshop
Topic:Education, Encouragement, History, Motivational, Spiritual
Description:Two thousand years of Christian literature have been passed down to help us emulate Christ in our daily lives. Join us as we consider just a fraction of these works. Depending on the workshop, authors discussed may include three different Johns (Bunyan, Donne, and Calvin), Athanasius, C.S. Lewis, Marilynne Robinson, J.K. Rowling, and more.

Title:One Homeschool Grad’s 8(+1) Reasons to Homeschool
Length:45 minutes
Type:General Session, Keynote, Workshop
Topic:Encouragement, Motivational, Spiritual, Why Homeschool
Description:Darren attended several different public schools, a private Christian school, and then was homeschooled to graduation. With his diverse educational experience, he and his wife have chosen to teach their own children at home, but maybe not for the reasons you’d expect! Come hear Darren’s 8(+1) homeschool reasons, as well as how his approach to homeschooling is different from that of his parents.

Title:Practical Tips for Your Family’s Devotions
Length:30–45 minutes
Topic:Parenting, Spiritual
Audience:All, Parents
Description:One of our most important duties as parents is to help our children encounter God, in part through devotional times. Come prepared to discuss specific, practical advice in how devotions can serve as an opportunity for the whole family to experience the love and grace of God.

Title:Problem-Proof Your Support Group
Length:1 hour
Type:Support Group Leaders, Workshop
Audience:New Homeschoolers, Support Group Leaders, Veteran Homeschoolers
Description:Guard your support group against legal surprises! HSLDA Staff Attorney Darren Jones helps you understand laws that affect your group, including the Americans with Disabilities Act and civil rights law. Don’t miss this important discussion of policies your support group should adopt when addressing membership issues and child protection!

Title:Rediscovering Our Great Christian Heritage
Length:45 minutes
Type:General Session, Workshop
Topic:History, Spiritual, Why Homeschool
Description:Many homeschoolers know detailed history of the United States, its Founding Fathers, and the Constitution’s principles, but do they know the history of the Church and Christianity? Rediscover 2,000 years of heritage and practice of the faith with HSLDA Staff Attorney Darren Jones.

Title:The Secret to Homeschool Freedom
Length:45 minutes
Type:General Session, Workshop
Topic:Legal, Motivational
Audience:All, New Homeschoolers
Description:The best way to protect the future is to learn from the past. Homeschooling’s history of close calls and exciting victories sheds light on upcoming challenges to homeschool freedom. Come hear the secret in keeping homeschool freedom free.

If you would like to schedule Darren Jones as a speaker for your upcoming event, contact him at 540—338—5600. Darren is willing to speak up to four times during a conference.

Darren requests that his travel and lodging expenses be covered by the host. His fee for local support groups and graduations is negotiable.

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