Thomas J. Schmidt
Staff Attorney

Thomas J. (Tj) Schmidt was first taught at home in the second grade by his parents in northern Vermont. For nearly all of the remaining years of his elementary and secondary education Tj was taught at home. For much of that time his family was on foreign mission fields. Tj received his J.D. while studying at home from Oak Brook College of Law and began serving as a Legal Assistant at HSLDA. Now, as an HSLDA Staff Attorney, Tj answers general legal questions and assists members across the country experiencing legal difficulties. Tj and his wife, Susan, have five children, Josiah, Suzanna, Ella, Makenna, and Jonah. They look forward to teaching all of their children at home.

Length:30–45 minutes
Topic:Marriage, Parenting, Teens
Audience:Parents, Teens
Description:Having firsthand experience of courtship with his wife, Susan, Tj shares how courtship can be an alternative to dating. One couple’s story of how their families sought courtship as a foundation for a lifelong commitment in marriage.

Title:Dealing with Social Workers
Length:30–45 minutes
Topic:Dealing with Social Workers, Legal
Audience:New Homeschoolers, Parents, Support Group Leaders, Veteran Homeschoolers
Description:Tj explains your rights and describes how to handle social services investigations. Primarily addressing your state’s laws relating to social services contacts, Tj provides general application for other states as well. This session helps equip Christian homeschool families to be prepared in the event of an investigation based on an anonymous tip.

Title:Testimony of a Homeschool Graduate
Length:45 minutes
Type:General Session, Keynote, Q & A, Workshop
Topic:Education, Motivational, Spiritual, Teens
Audience:Parents, Teens
Description:Tj shares from his own personal testimony as a homeschool graduate. He will share from his family’s early decision to begin homeschooling in the mid 80’s, through the high school years and beyond, laying out God’s direction through it all.

Title:Top 10 Homeschooling Legal Issues
Length:30–45 minutes
Audience:New Homeschoolers, Veteran Homeschoolers
Description:Tj discusses the types of legal problems homeschool families are encountering in your state and nationally and how HSLDA is addressing them. He also summarizes your homeschool law and the various options available to homeschoolers in your state.

Title:What is Generation Joshua?
Length:30 minutes
Topic:Education, Political
Audience:New Homeschoolers, Support Group Leaders, Teens, Veteran Homeschoolers
Description:With the goal of challenging Christian homeschool families to become more involved in government and politics, Tj explains what Generation Joshua is and the exciting opportunities it offers to young people and their families. Generation Joshua’s vision is to create an educational foundation in government and civics for homeschooled students and provide unique opportunities for homeschoolers to make a positive impact on our nation’s policitical landscape.

If you would like to schedule Tj Schmidt as a speaker for your upcoming event, contact him at 540—338—5600. Tj is willing to speak up to two times during a conference.

Tj requests that the host cover travel and lodging expenses for him and his wife (when she travels with him), but he is willing to negotiate. His fee for local support groups is also negotiable.

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