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About HSLDA’s Membership for Parents of Preschoolers

This FREE HSLDA membership is for parents or legal guardians whose oldest child is under age 5. Here are the benefits you receive!

  • Personal phone and email access to legal staff for your state, for any legal concerns regarding your homeschool
  • Toddlers to Tweens consultant (preschool–8th grade) who can answer your homeschooling questions about everything from getting started to learning styles, from curriculum to lesson planning, and more www.hslda.org/ToddlersToTweens
  • Struggling Learner/Special Needs consultants who can assist you in diagnosing and addressing your homeschooled child’s special needs www.hslda.org/StrugglingLearner
  • Quarterly Home School Court Report magazine, with news about laws and court cases affecting homeschoolers, tips for teaching your kids, and other information for the homeschooling community
  • Email alerts on local, state, national, and international homeschooling issues
  • PerX program offering HSLDA members substantial discounts on insurance, school supplies, hotels, and more
  • Special discounts on HSLDA Store products

What to Expect after Submitting the Application:

  • You will receive an email from HSLDA in three to four weeks with your account number and instructions for accessing your member benefts.
  • Your FREE membership will run through the date of your oldest child’s 5th birthday. Prior to this date, we will let you know how you can continue your member benefts through a paid HSLDA membership.
  • Most communication for this program will be handled online, so make sure you have internet access via your home or library.
  • If you are part of a state or local organization that participates in our Discount Group program: To assist groups in keeping accurate records, HSLDA will provide your group administrator with periodic reports that include your name, zip code, account number, and membership date.

HSLDA Membership Application for Parents of Preschoolers


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Your FREE membership is valid until your oldest child’s 5th birthday.
If you have any children who are 5–18 years old, please complete a regular HSLDA membership application.



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Has either parent been investigated for or charged with child abuse, neglect, or other related charges within the past five years?*

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  • All information presented on this form, to the best of your knowledge, is true and accurate.
  • You understand that this free membership will expire on the date of your child’s fifth birthday, and you will have the opportunity to convert to a paid membership.

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