eKnowledge and HSLDA Announce Arrival of New SAT/ACT Test Prep Books and Updated v7.5 PowerPrep™ DVD Programs to Sponsorship Alliance Partners

October 6, 2010 The eKnowledge Sponsorship Alliance (ESA) announces the continuation of its donation of $200 SAT and ACT College Test Preparation Programs to assist HSLDA high school students with their continuing education requirements. eKnowledge, supported by professional athletes from the NFL and MLB and over 30 other foundations, corporations and groups, is pleased to announce the introduction of new SAT/ACT Test Preparation Books, as well as the arrival of updated PowerPrep™ software v7.5. The eKnowledge Sponsorship Alliance has provided over 153,000 SAT and ACT Prep Programs with a value of $33 million, however eKnowledge does not profit from this venture.


The books cover every testable point on both the SAT and ACT, and include 800 pages, 2500 detailed questions and answers, quizzes, practice questions and supporting documentation. They work in conjunction with the PowerPrep™ DVD or as a stand-alone program. The books have more questions and detailed explanations than the PowerPrep™ DVD Programs. The 3 book set retails for $225.00, and through the Sponsorship Alliance may be ordered for $74.99 (plus s/h). View samples of the new books.


The new v7.5 DVD has 12 hours of instructor videos, 170 re-mastered videos, including over 3000 new graphics, animations, diagrams, illustrations, images, photos and other visual aids embedded directly into the video stream to assist students as they watch the video. Through the Sponsorship Alliance, the standard SAT or ACT DVD is free. There is a nominal charge of $13.84 (shipping/handling) per program which covers the cost of materials, processing, registration, licensure and technical support. eKnowledge does not profit from this venture. View samples of the new v7.5 videos.

The new materials have been in development for 2 years, at an investment of $1.5 Million. Our goal is to provide the tools necessary to prepare high school students with their continuing education requirements. Testimonial page

To order the NEW MATERIALS at special program pricing, click here.

To order by telephone, 951-256-4076 (reference HSLDA)

For further information please contact Lori Caputo, Director, ESA Programs
LoriCaputo@eknowledge.com, 951-256-4076