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HSLDA Online Academy
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HSLDA members pay discounted tuition on each Academy course!

About the Academy

HSLDA launched the Academy in 2009 as a service to homeschool families looking for ways to supplement their students’ high school education. Read more about us here.

With the Academy’s classes, your students will get to join a virtual campus and meet fellow Christian high schoolers from all 50 U.S. states and from several countries around the world!

What’s Different about HSLDA Online Academy?

We teach our courses from a distinctly Christian perspective.
Students discuss the intersection of faith and academics, learning to better understand and articulate their beliefs.

Our rigorous coursework helps students build a strong academic foundation.
Our standard high school courses are designed to help students master foundational knowledge and develop study skills that will benefit them throughout high school and college.

Our challenging upper-level Advanced Placement® courses help high school juniors and seniors develop strong study habits and college-level reading and writing skills. Each course meets the College Board’s requirements for an official AP® designation, preparing students for the related AP® subject exam. See how the Academy’s students have done on past exams.

We combine the flexibility of independent study with the best of classroom learning.
Students have 24/7 access to course materials, helping them balance their commitments to meet assignment deadlines. They interact with classmates and instructors through email, discussion forums, and weekly live class sessions. Teachers provide feedback on assignments and answers to questions throughout the week.

HSLDA Online Academy Is For You If . . .

  • You are a high school student with strong reading and writing skills.
  • You like the convenience of online learning.
  • You want to take quality courses taught by teachers who share your biblical worldview.
  • You like learning interactively through discussion with your teacher and classmates.
  • You want to save time and money by earning college credit now through AP® testing.
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