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Homeschool Tracker
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Homeschool Tracker is a flexible, all–in–one online tool for planning, organizing, and managing your Homeschool. Trusted by thousands of Homeschoolers for over 13 years, Homeschool Tracker saves you time and keeps you organized.

Flexible Record Keeping and Grading

Choose exactly how much information you want to record for each student. Quickly and easily create single or repeating assignments, appointments, chores, and more.

Need to reschedule? Simply drag and drop items on the calendar or use our powerful rescheduling tool to move everything forward.

No more spreadsheets or calculators. Set up your courses, grade scales, and weights once and Homeschool Tracker does the rest.

Save Time by Creating Reusable Lesson Plans

Use the powerful and efficient lesson plan tool for creating reusable plans and stay on track throughout the year. Create lesson plans for your entire curriculum, then schedule the entire year or just one day at a time.

Create Professional Reports

Generate report cards and transcripts with the press of a button. Print daily task lists, attendance reports, supply lists, and more.

“Your program has been wonderful and the colleges and employers have been amazed at the transcripts!”—Becky

“My wife and I are LOVING Homeschool Tracker, and your team deserves a pat on the back (or perhaps a hug)! ;)”—Phil

“I spent a long time this summer researching planners and decided on Homeschool Tracker. I have NO regrets. HST has done everything I have needed it to do and you have provided excellent support. The turnaround time on your responses has been above my expectations. Thank you for your help and the product you are providing. I only wish I had found you three years ago!”—Deb

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