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Liberty HealthShare
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Ready to think outside the box for your healthcare? There IS a legal, freedom & faith-based solution!

Now offering a $50 enrollment gift, plus an extra $20 just for HSLDA members!

Liberty HealthShare is the fastest growing medical health cost sharing ministry in the US. Via, all HSLDA members are provided with extra care and an additional PerX benefit. Choose between an extra $20 gift and a $30 donation to support Generation Joshua's iGovern Leadership camps. Each new enrollment also helps to protect homeschooling families though the Homeschool Freedom Fund!

Liberty HealthShare is a freedom-based, legal alternative to meeting Wellness/Alternative/Major MedicalHealthcare costs without costly insurance and government regulations. This is health care reform that you can access now! Annual wellness visits are included as part of membership. Our members have freedom to choose ANY Physician, Hospital, Outpatient, or Lab in the US (no networks) and are protected anywhere they are in the world! It is never too late to leave your insurance and join.

Our Members Enjoy:
  • Monthly Share Costs from $107-$449
  • Very Low Annual Unshared Amounts—$500 single, $1,000 couple, $1,500 family
  • ANY Physician, Hospital, Outpatient or Lab in the US eligible
  • Wellness, Alternative, and Major Medical Healthcare expenses
  • Yearly Wellness visits are included: Annual Physicals for all members including lab work and tests as recommended. Mammography/Ultrasound, PSA, Colonoscopy, etc.
  • Alternative Medical Expenses shared per sharing guidelines
  • Rx/Dental/Vision/Hearing and Chiropractic care with SavNet discount program included
  • Billing through membership card or self-pay option
  • Providers enjoy generous reimbursement for their services
  • Medical expenses occurring abroad are eligible for sharing
  • Pro-Life, comprehensive maternity care, and well baby visits
  • Online Share Box—optional notes and prayer messages between members
  • Medical expenses easily accessible via online account
  • Very low administrative burden to the member
  • Health Track—1:1 nurse/coach program available to help members with lifestyle amenable issues—additional $80 per person
  • Medical costs surrounding a pre-existing condition (just for that condition) restricted the first year and then increasingly shared thereafter
  • Funeral expense benefit—$10,000 primary member, $5,000 spouse, $3,000 dependents
  • Enrollment throughout the year—membership begins 1st of the month following acceptance
  • Liberty HealthShare is ideal for a business of less than 50 employees and can be an option for larger businesses.

Lower share costs may apply for single/widowed or members otherwise incurring expense on their spouse's plan. Qualifying dependent children may remain on a family plan until age 27.

Apply Online—Enrollment application is quick and easy and does not require a doctor visit.

$50 Enrollment Gift + Extra PerX!
Karen Torsoe – Representative for Liberty HealthShare
Proud Member of HSLDA

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