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Darren Jones, Esq., Staff Attorney of HSLDA
New Mexico--One More Push!

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March 13, 2001

New Mexico: One More Push!

Dear New Mexico Members and Friends,

Due to an overwhelming response by home schoolers, Senate Bill 374,
"Changing Home School Requirements," passed the NM House of
Representatives Sunday, March 11, by a vote of 39-11! Now SB 374 is
headed towards the final hurdle-the governor's desk.


Governor Gary Johnson must sign this bill before it becomes law. It
is very important that he hear from home schoolers in New Mexico

We urge you to call Governor Johnson's office immediately and give
him the following message: "Please sign Senate Bill 374, which
removes unnecessary restrictions on home schooling parents and saves
school districts money."

Governor Johnson's office telephone number is (505) 827-3000.


Senate Bill 374 was introduced by Senator Michael Sanchez. It passed
the Senate Education Committee unanimously and passed the full Senate
by a vote of 37 to 1. On March 7, it passed the House Committee on
Consumer and Public Affairs without discussion and by a unanimous
vote. This weekend, SB 374 passed the House Education Committee and
the House of Representatives. CAPE-NM, the home schoolers of New
Mexico, and HSLDA are very pleased at this show of support for home
schoolers from the state legislature.

This bill would expand home school freedoms in several ways. First,
home schooling parents would no longer have to submit attendance
records and immunization records to the school district. Second, home
schooling students would no longer be required to take any
standardized tests.

Thank you for every call you made, letter you wrote, and e-mail you
sent on behalf of SB 374. God has blessed home schoolers' united
efforts and used them to carry this bill to victory in the House and
Senate. The governor's signature is the final step for SB 374-please
take a moment and call today.

Sincerely yours,

Darren A. Jones
Staff Attorney

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