March 12, 2001
Mr. and Mrs. T.
Hostile School District Forced to Back Down

When HSLDA was contacted: March 2001.

Facts: Mr. and Mrs. T began home schooling in February this year. As required by law, they had filed a "Nonaccredited Private School Report" with the state, and they had withdrawn their children from the public school. However, the school refused to accept the fact that they were home schooling, saying, "The State of Kansas may have to recognize you but we don't." The public school demonstrated their prejudice against home schooling by ignoring their own truancy procedures, including holding a meeting between school personnel and the parents.

Instead, the school then had an Assistant District Attorney file a petition with the court stating that the children were "children in need of services." The petition also demanded that the children be removed, and that Mr. and Mrs. T. pay for all of the children's expenses during the time that they were in foster care.

Our action: HSLDA contacted the prosecuting attorney and explained the law regarding private schools. After he understood the facts better, he had all of the charges against the family dismissed.

Status: Resolved.

Last Updated: March 12, 2001