June 20, 2001
In re Children of W
Mother charged with environmental and educational neglect

Filed: April 11, 2000, Adams County.

Nature of Case: The Colorado Department of Social Services (DSS) charged Mrs. W with environmental neglect (messy house) and educational neglect of her 11-year-old special needs son. DSS contended that this mother failed to file her notice of intent with the school district and to have her son evaluated, as required by law. The petition also alleged that the child had "not been formally enrolled in school for at least three years," that "he seems significantly delayed in his academic abilities," and that he "appears to be socially isolated." HSLDA retained two experts to testify concerning the quality of education received by the boy, but reached a compromise with DSS on the eve of the trial. According to the agreement, Ms. W had her son evaluated at The Children's Hospital. The formal written evaluation recommended certain services. Ms. Williams has the right to receive or reject the services, but has been receiving them. DSS moved to dismiss the case.

Status: The case against Ms. W was dismissed on June 20, 2001.

Last Updated: June 20, 2001.