Petition surges past 100K signatures

Obama’s press secretary asked about Romeike petition

Washington, D.C.—At an April 11, 2013, press briefing, White House press secretary Jay Carney was asked about the Romeike petition. Here’s the exchange:

QUESTION: There’s a German family, came to America in 2008 seeking asylum because they didn't like German public schools. The reason why it relates to the White House is they got asylum, it was then overturned, and there’s a chance they're going to be deported. And there’s a petition at, an online petition, and it’s gotten over 100,000 signatures saying they want the President to intervene so that this family doesn't have to go back to Germany.  They think the public schools—they’ve been home-schooling their kids here in America, and they don't like the German public schools. It’s reached over 100,000 signatures. What’s the process for reacting to something like that? And are you aware of this specific case?

MR. CARNEY: I’m not aware of it. I will certainly take the question. We do have a threshold beyond which we respond to We the People petitions, and if that threshold is crossed, I’m sure we will respond. But I don't have a specific comment on this case.

Source: EIN Presswire

What you are saying on Facebook . . .

Uwe Romeike
Dear Friends at HSLDA, my family and I want to thank you for your outstanding help for us and all homeschooling families in this country and worldwide!!! You are such an encouragement and blessing.

Also a big THANK YOU!!! to everyone that signed the petition and helped to reach the threshold of 100,000 signatures. We still have another week and I pray that we can send a strong signal to the White House.

God bless you all!

Melissa Bunch thank you for being so courageous

Bianca Tripodi Pickard We continue to pray and stand with you!! When freedom is at stake for one, it is at stake for all!! When one freedom is at stake, all freedoms are at stake!! May GOD bless your family, and HSLDA!!!

Beth Harju Bergeron
I'm excited to see how many signatured the Romieke petition will recieve and even more excited to hear the white house's response! Being able to choose how we educate, raise, and bring up our children is an absolute God given, fundamental right that should never be tampered with. And that needs to be acknowledged in Washington. Parents have the right (completely! 100% and without gov't interference) to decide what is best for their own children, in every area of life, as God has entrusted the care of our children to US, not the state. This needs to be established once and for all. Our kids do not belong to a party, to the gov't, to the village or community. They belong to us, untill responsible adulthood is achieved. Hoping this petition helps make clear, that parents infact DO have the sole right to our children's upbringing and education. Praying.

Kim Godar Glyshaw
I recently had a visiting Chinese professor come to our house. When he entered our school room, he became quite emotional and exclaimed, "America is a wonderful place!" I realize how I have taken this freedom for granted. Thank you for fighting this good fight!

Sara DeLawder
Thank you HSLDA for standing up for all of us by helping the Romeikes!

Carrie Miller
WooHoo!!!!!!! We DID it!!!!:) Wonder how many more we can get to just add to the statement that we are aware and stand against it?:)

Thanks to everyone who has helped us to get the word out about the Romeike’s plight. Let’s go for the White House petition signature record—there’s still time!

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