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Save with Lifetime Membership!


Become a Lifetime member for only $1000!

Your family's Lifetime membership will last as long as you want it to or as long as HSLDA continues to serve its members, whichever is sooner. You will continue to receive communications from us unless you notify us otherwise. You will also continue to have access to HSLDA’s legal and support services as they relate to homeschooling issues.

Please note that your Lifetime membership is ineffective if at any time you enroll all your compulsory-aged children in a full-time public educational program.

Lifetime Membership FAQ
Is the Lifetime membership a good option for me?
Lifetime membership is a cost-effective option for those who would like to continue to receive HSLDA services and support for 9 or more years (11 or more years for group members).
Can I pay for a Lifetime membership in installments?
No. If you would prefer not to pay $1000 at once, a 1-year membership may be better suited to your needs.
Is there a discount on Lifetime membership if I am part of a discount group?
No. The flat fee for a Lifetime membership is $1000.
Is there an expiration date for Lifetime memberships?
No. Once you are a Lifetime member, you will always be a Lifetime member as long as HSLDA continues to offer services and you desire to receive them. You can always contact us to tailor your account so that you are receiving only those communications which you desire.
Will my Lifetime membership be deactivated when we no longer have school-age children we are homeschooling?
No. The age of your children or their current educational status has no bearing on your Lifetime membership.