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Membership Agreement


  • To exercise diligence in teaching our children in a responsible way.

  • To use a clearly organized program of education to instruct our children.

  • To keep records of each child’s educational progress.

  • To notify the Association promptly of any threatened or actual legal paper received by us related to our homeschool.

  • That all the information presented on this form, to the best of our knowledge, is true and accurate.


  • In keeping with HSLDA’s purpose, legal assistance to protect and advance the right to homeschool is available only if you are the parent, guardian, or legal custodian of a child being taught at home.

  • Payment must be submitted with the application. No refund is available once membership is approved.

  • Membership dues are not tax-deductible. HSLDA is not an insurance company and cannot guarantee representation in every situation.

  • Membership begins once your application is reviewed, approved, and entered into our membership database. For as long as HSLDA continues to advocate for homeschooling, we will provide services to your family for the duration of your membership.

  • The review process for applications usually takes two to three weeks (longer in August and September) once we have received your application.

  • You will receive a membership packet after your application is approved. Your membership is valid from the date your application is processed.

  • Of your annual membership dues, $15.00 is the Home School Court Report subscription cost.

  • HSLDA reserves the right to reject a membership application and the right to revoke membership if any information has been misrepresented. If your application cannot be approved, we will return your payment and send you a letter of explanation.

  • Membership services are not available in connection with any child who receives the majority of instruction through, or is enrolled full-time in, a public school or government-supported program based in the home, such as a charter school, virtual charter school, or independent study program.

  • HSLDA does not provide legal representation for members in matters involving divorce or child custody.