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 In The News (2017 Archive)

February 17:
Homeschoolers Revolt Against Republican School Choice Bill

February 15: The Anderson News, Lawrenceville, Kentucky
Homeschool Team Claims State Title

February 14: Star and Stripes Okinawa
A Look at the Homeschooling Option for Military Families

February 10:
Homeschool Art Class Finds a Home at MONA

February 9: NBC News
DeVos Backlash Sees Parents Threatening to Homeschool Kids

February 7: Christian Post
Homeschool Family Sues NYC After Being Subjected to 60-Day Investigation

February 4: The Federalist
Families Sue NYC for Reporting Them to Child Services When They Homeschool

February 3: Business Insider
One of the Most Pervasive Stereotypes in Education is no Longer True

January 30: Daily News, Jacksonville, North Carolina
Homeschooling a Growing Education Option in North Carolina

January 23: Business Insider
Americans are Rejecting the “Homeschool Myth”

January 17: The Star, Indianapolis, Indiana
Best High School Basketball Player in Indiana You’ve Never Heard of

January 11: The Record, Hickory, North Carolina
Homeschool Students Celebrate Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

January 9:
Homeschool Diplomas not Good Enough to Keep Jobs?

January 7:
Superintendent: Homeschooling Inferior to Public Schools

January 5: Free Malaysia Today
Homeschool: A Cheaper and More Flexible Option

January 2: The Daily Ardmoreite, Ardmore, Oklahoma
Homeschool Students Use Break for Community Service

* Links do not imply endorsement *