West Virginia
West Virginia

July 29, 2014

Happy Homeschool Mom Hears “Not a Peep from the School Board!”

Staff Attorney Mike Donnelly answers questions and assists members regarding legal issues in West Virginia. He and his wife homeschool in the Mountain State. Read more >>

West Virginia homeschool law is among the most onerous in the country. With annual notices, annual assessments and an unconstitutional waiting period involving often unfriendly public school officials, homeschoolers in the Mountain State can sometimes expect challenges.

This can be especially true for people who are new to homeschooling and are pulling their children out of the public school system.

No Reason to Wait

Research shows there are many reasons parents choose home education. If, for example, their children are struggling in school—whether due to their own learning challenges or needs, or because of bullying or some other negative experience—it makes no sense to make parents wait to remove their children from such a bad environment.

When parents do withdraw their children from school, it helps to have an advocate, as one HSLDA member family discovered recently.

Although the family’s daughter had only missed a half-day of classes, the school district started counting her as truant. When the mother sent in her notice of intent, local school district officials informed her that she was being “denied” homeschooling because her daughter was “truant.” Because of the situation at school, the mother had begun to homeschool her daughter without completing the “waiting period.”

Taking Action

HSLDA Staff Attorney Mike Donnelly spoke with the attendance officer for the local school district, who agreed to cease the truancy prosecution.

The mother recently contacted HSLDA with her appreciation.

“I can’t express how grateful I am for your work on my case against the [local school district],” she said. “It’s been months now (without so much as a peep from the school board) and I realized I have never taken the time to thank you for the wonderful job you did!”

There are many factors that can contribute to conflict between homeschoolers and local school officials. The best thing a homeschooler can do before getting started is to join HSLDA and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that if anything should occur that would challenge their right to homeschool, they can depend on the staff of homeschool experts at HSLDA.

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