July 9, 2013

HSLDA Letter Helps Solve Tax Issue

Scott Woodruff answers questions and assists members regarding legal issues in Wisconsin. He and his wife homeschooled their children. Read more >>

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue recently asked an HSLDA member to send them a statement from the school each of their children attended. But this was problematic because a homeschool is a “home-based private educational program” under Wisconsin law, not a “school.” HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott A. Woodruff wrote a letter on the family’s behalf. Here’s what happened in the mom’s own words:

“Before I contacted you [HSLDA], I had several conversations with them [Wisconsin Department of Revenue]. They were only able to offer ‘suggestions,’ but no one there could say for sure what we should do and/or what information would be accepted. When I mentioned HSLDA the man’s tone changed and he directly told us ‘not to do that.’ We called you right away. We sent a copy of your letter with the other information the Department of Revenue requested. They told us it would take from 9-12 weeks to hear back from them. Within two weeks our state tax check came in the mail. Thank you again for your help. My husband and I believe that your letter made the difference.”

HSLDA’s 10 current attorney employees have logged between them at least 125 years of cumulative experience working full-time on homeschool issues. We put this experience to work every day for our members—sometimes even on tax issues.

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