November 6, 2007

Home Study Office Adds to Law

Vermont’s Department of Education’s home study office has said that home study enrollments received after October 1 won’t count towards a “complete school year” for the purposes of being exempted from providing a detailed outline.

But you won’t find this deadline mentioned anywhere in the home study statute 16 V.S.A.166b, passed recently by the Vermont Legislature.

In 16 V.S.A. 166b(a), Vermont law states that “a new notice under this section is required and may be submitted at any time after March 1” (emphasis added). In 16 V.S.A.166b(k), the statute clearly describes what comprises a “successful completion of a home study program.” Neither section references a specific date or deadline.

Home study programs are considered “successfully completed”—and qualified for the exemption contained in the statute mentioned above, if:

  • The home study program in two consecutive years has “not been disallowed by order of a hearing officer”;
  • The students enrolled have “made progress commensurate with age and ability in all subject areas of the minimum course of study”;
  • And the “home study program has otherwise complied with the requirements” of the home study statute.

Although HSLDA does encourage homeschoolers to submit paperwork complying with their local laws in a timely manner, it is never right for educational bureaucracies to add unnecessary and burdensome regulations that clearly contradict underlying statutes. If you or a homeschooler you know is experiencing issues of this nature, we encourage you to contact us.

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