July 15, 2009

SAT of 900, ACT of 19, Set for Scholarship Eligibility

On July 14, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) voted, as anticipated, to establish an SAT score of 900 (math plus verbal), or ACT score of 19, as equivalent to a grade point average of 2.5 to qualify homeschool graduates for the Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program (VGAP).

Homeschool graduates were excluded from the VGAP scholarship program until state Senator Ken Cuccinelli launched a legislative initiative to right this wrong. Thanks to his leadership, homeschool students who work hard and are able to prove their accomplishments via one of those tests will find a level playing field when they apply for the scholarship. This scholarship is oriented toward families with financial need.

Students are eligible to apply for the scholarship whether they were homeschooled under the notice of intent statute or the religious exemption statute.

HSLDA will continue to work with SCHEV to establish a more appropriate path to the scholarship for students headed toward community college. Requiring those students to take the SAT or ACT is not appropriate since those tests are not part of their normal educational path. For the time being, however, even those students will need to take the SAT or ACT to pursue the VGAP.

Our thanks go to SCHEV staffer Lee Andes for his professional attitude and cooperative spirit during this entire process.

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