August 25, 2008

Homeschooler Enlists in Army after HSLDA Resolves Misunderstanding

Virginia homeschool graduate John Miller’s (name changed to protect privacy) dream of enlisting in the Army was thwarted when his recruiter insisted that he take the GED.

Despite John’s excellent grades throughout high school and the transcripts proving it, the Army wanted him to take a test usually required only of those who did not finish high school. John and his family were shocked, especially because John had already proven his academic ability by earning high grades in several college classes he took during his senior year of high school.

A homeschool high school graduate, John contacted HSLDA. Senior Legal Counsel Chris Klicka called the sergeant in the recruiter’s office with whom John had been communicating. Apparently, the office was operating on a misunderstanding of federal law. In reality, HSLDA had helped amend this law to allow homeschoolers to enlist in the military without taking the GED. Klicka explained the current law, and wrote a letter verifying that John’s home education program had been in full compliance with state law.

The process for enlistment continued. John received a high score on his ASVAB military enlistment test, passed his physical with flying colors, and was told that he could have any job he wanted. He chose “airborne infantry!”

His mother recently reported to us that John is now in the midst of boot camp and doing well.