August 15, 2007

Vengeful Tipster Turns Family in for Allegedly Depriving Children

We received a call from a Texas member family who said they had been contacted by a social worker out of Sherman, Texas. The social worker indicated a tipster had accused the family of failing to homeschool their children and depriving them of milk. The social worker requested to enter the family’s home and interview the children.

Apparently, the tipster was a relative who was using the system to persecute the family.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Chris Klicka drafted a letter to the social worker, declining the request to enter the home and interview the children. He explained that the accusations were false and made maliciously by the family’s aunt. Klicka admitted that the children were not permitted to have milk, but this was because some of them had allergies to milk. Klicka explained that the family was providing their children with adequate nutrition by means other than milk. Klicka also explained that the family had been homeschooling and were not neglecting to educate their children.

The letter also discussed the federal Keeping Children Safe Act, which prohibits a social worker from breaching the family’s Fourth Amendment rights.

Instead of interviews, Klicka provided the social worker with a doctor’s report and letters of reference from people who know the family and know that they are good parents. The doctor’s report showed that the children were not abused.

The family has not heard from the social worker since.