December 19, 2005

Texas School District Threatens Truancy When Family Tries to Withdraw Children to Homeschool

The Kalus moved to Texas from Nigeria two years ago. After a tough start in the country, they knew they wanted something different for their family. They met some homeschoolers and became excited about the possibilities for their family. Consequently, the Kalus began homeschooling in November, 2005.

When Mrs. Kalu went to the public school to withdraw her children she encountered resistance. She had prepared a statement of withdrawal and signed it, but the school started asking questions and countered with an eleven-page form for Mrs. Kalu to sign.

While at the school, Mrs. Kalu was frightened when half-a-dozen people surrounded her and started to question her decision and ability to homeschool her children. The principal then threatened to charge the family with truancy if she did not sign the eleven-page form.

Home School Legal Defense Association Senior Counsel Chris Klicka wrote to the principal of McKinney School District and advised her that the Kalu family could legally homeschool. He assured her that the family was operating their homeschool in a bona fide manner and informed her that the family was not required to fill out any forms from the school.

The public school did not carry out their threat and no truancy charges have been filed against the family. The Kalus are continuing to homeschool and treasuring the chance to learn as a family.