South Dakota
South Dakota

February 7, 2012

Custer: “Is There Anything We Can Do to Get You to Enroll Your Student?”

Custer School District recently sent a letter to homeschool parents asking them to fill out a survey seeking information which families are not required to provide under law.

The survey asks: (1) why you homeschool; (2) if your concerns are about public school academics, which subjects are of greatest concern; (3) your two biggest challenges in homeschooling; (4) whether you have had concerns or difficulties with the school district; (5) describe the concern or difficulty; (6) is there anything the school district can do to get you to enroll your student in public school?; (7) if yes, what?; (8) can the school district do anything to assist you in homeschooling?; (9) what?; (10) add any comments the survey failed to address.

Any information you submit in response to this survey may be treated as public information. It may be made available to anyone who requests it. You cannot be certain how a member of the public, or the school district itself, will use any information you provide. The wisest approach for your safety and privacy is simply to ignore the survey.

The letter which accompanied the survey is polite, friendly, and even warmly sensitive. But its objective is transparent: to persuade families to give the government schools control of all or part of their child’s education—and bring thousands of extra dollars to the school district.

While every family must make its own decision, we urge you to continue to enjoy the path you have already chosen: the path of freedom and blessings through homeschooling.