South Dakota
South Dakota

September 7, 2011

Art Institute Accepts Student After HSLDA Letter

As Charlene Nagel (name changed to protect her privacy) looked forward to receiving her high school diploma from her parents, she applied for admission to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

She was disappointed when she found a published policy which said, “Home-schooled students must provide proof of graduation through a GED or a document issued by the state or an institution accredited by a body recognized by the Federal Department of Education.” She knew her high school diploma would be issued neither by the state of South Dakota nor an “accredited” institution.

Members of HSLDA, Charlene’s family asked us to help. HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff wrote to the institute’s president. Woodruff explained that their diploma-GED policy was out of step with current federal financial aid guidelines for homeschooled students heading for college. His letter included a number of documents from federal and congressional agencies.

After receiving Woodruff’s letter, the Art Institute changed its mind and offered Charlene admission. As of this writing, Charlene is still pondering her options for life after high school, but at least she knows her options include higher education in Florida.