South Dakota
South Dakota

May 5, 2004
Rapid City Moves Toward Protecting Privacy

Last fall, a few Rapid City public schools sent letters to some homeschool parents inviting them to enroll their children in the public school system. Not only was the invitation itself unwelcome, but it showed that the Rapid City school board was not protecting homeschoolers' privacy as it should have. The school board should not have allowed information about homeschool families to be released to individual public schools.

Home School Legal Defense Association, working closely with local homeschool leaders, spoke with school system officials, explained the issues, and drafted a policy that would solve the problem.

School Board President Margie Rosario was very receptive to the draft policy. She made a few minor changes and then met with local homeschool leaders to discuss it. There was agreement that some additional refinement was needed, but that the policy was workable and would provide good protection for homeschool families.

Ms. Rosario will be asking the full school board to adopt it very soon. Invitations for homeschoolers to enroll in the public school system should soon be a thing of the past.