South Dakota
South Dakota

February 17, 2004
Availability of Sports After Age Sixteen Clarified

In the fall, the Aberdeen News printed an article quoting Belle Fourche Superintendent Bill O'Dea as saying that allowing homeschoolers between the ages of sixteen and twenty to play on a public school sports team could result in forfeiture.

In response to this, HSLDA wrote a letter to John Brown, the attorney for the South Dakota High School Activities Association explaining that there is no reason to exclude sixteen to twenty year old homeschoolers from sports.

The Association has now responded and appears to agree with HSLDA. John Brown stated, as part of his response, "My own belief is that it is clearly the intent of the drafters of the legislation that alternative instruction students under the age of twenty be eligible to participate." He stated further that the Association has established guidelines for the participation of homeschooled students under twenty years of age.

Based on this, it appears that age should not be a barrier for homeschooled students wishing to participate in public school sports between the ages of sixteen and twenty.

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