February 6, 2014

School District Invents Evaluation Form

Senior Counsel Dee Black answers questions and assists members with legal issues in Pennsylvania. He and his wife homeschooled their children. Read more >>

Home School Legal Defense Association recently assisted a member family who had received a letter from the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District informing them that they had to complete and submit a “Home School Evaluator’s Transcript” form along with their portfolio and evaluation at the end of the school year. The four-page form created by the school district sought information that either did not have to be submitted or was already included in the notarized affidavit and portfolio submitted by the parent. For example, the form asked for the student’s date of birth, the evaluator’s certification and contact information, elective courses taken by the student, extracurricular activities in which the student participated, and awards or honors received by the student.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Dewitt Black replied to the school district by letter on behalf of the family and informed the school official that local school districts have no authority to establish any policies or procedures which add to or contradict the provisions of state law. Black quoted the statutory provisions that set forth requirements for the contents of the portfolio and the evaluation submitted by the parent to the superintendent at the end of each school year. He pointed out that there was no legal basis for the school district to insist upon completion of the Home School Evaluator’s Transcript and further informed the official that the parents respectfully declined to do so.

HSLDA encourages our member families to contact us anytime a school district insists that they complete and return strange or unfamiliar forms.

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