New York
New York

September 15, 2009

District Sends Illegal Forms

Several Home School Legal Defense Association member families in the Island Trees Union Free School District received the Individualized Home Instruction Plan form and packet from the district. These families quickly noticed that the forms requested more information than legally required, then they contacted HSLDA for assistance.

After receiving a copy of the documents they received, HSLDA Staff Attorney Thomas Schmidt wrote the attorney for Island Trees Union Free School District requesting that the forms be corrected.

The major problems with the district’s form was that it attempted to limit the parent’s options on how to list their curriculum materials and requested that the parent provide additional information that is not required under state law. Additionally, the district attempted to require specific dates for parents to submit their quarterly reports when state law clearly states that parents are to select these dates.

Besides sending out forms that were not in compliance with state law, the Island Trees Union Free School District also sent parents a form to sign and return acknowledging the receipt of the district’s packet. This is not required under state law.

We expect the district to correct their forms to more accurately reflect state law.