New York
New York

April 27, 2007

Report to CPS Threatened (After Family Moves)

After moving out of New York, a Home School Legal Defense Association member family received a threatening letter from the Saugerties Central School District demanding the quarterly reports for their children. The letter went on to state that if the family did not submit these reports within a week or two, the school would report the family to Child Protective Services (CPS) for educational neglect.

Since the Brooks* family had already notified the school district that they had moved out-of-state, they immediately contacted HSLDA for help.

HSLDA Staff Attorney Thomas Schmidt contacted the school district on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks. He informed the school officials that threatening to report the family to CPS when they were no longer living in the district was completely unwarranted. Schmidt pointed out that Mrs. Brooks had sent a letter informing the district that they were moving over a month and a half before.

Shortly after receiving our letter, the Saugerties Central School District contacted us and apologized. The district claimed to have lost the original letter but promptly corrected their files after hearing from HSLDA.

* Family’s name changed to protect their privacy.