New York
New York

February 8, 2007

District Demands More Information

A member family in the Rochester City School District recently received a letter from the district’s homeschool coordinator stating that their quarterly report was incomplete. The district insisted that Mr. and Mrs. Bell* had to provide more of a description of the material they covered for each subject area for the quarter.

Believing that they had submitted all that was required, Mr. and Mrs. Bell contacted Home School Legal Defense Association for help. Attorney Thomas Schmidt reviewed the quarterly report the Bells had submitted and found it contained all that was required under the law.

According to Section 100.10 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education the quarterly report must contain the number of hours of instruction for that quarter, a description of the material covered in each subject, and a grade or written narrative evaluating the child’s progress. If at least 80% of the material the parent had planned for that quarter has not been completed then they must provide an explanation for that as well.

Schmidt wrote a letter on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Bell informing the school district what was required and pointing out that their quarterly report form had contained all of that information. Mr. and Mrs. Bell have had no further difficulties from their school district.

* Not their real name.