October 28, 2009

HSLDA, Las Vegas Police Help Homeschool Grad Qualify for Employment

When an HSLDA member family’s son applied for a job with the Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD), he was told that as a homeschool graduate, he did not meet the position’s education qualifications, which require the applicant to have “complet[ed] the twelfth grade or possess a General Education Diploma (GED).” Although he was home educated in Colorado under the independent school option, he was told that he had to obtain his GED because his transcripts were not accredited.

The member’s son contacted HSLDA about the situation, and we wrote to the detective in charge of background investigations. We explained the differences between Colorado’s two options for home education and demonstrated how the applicant’s credentials did meet LVPD’s requirements. After a second letter from HSLDA, the detective called to clarify the matter. He assured HSLDA that in fact he admires homeschool graduates, but the department is nonetheless obligated to verify documentation that it receives during the hiring process. The detective had attempted to verify the applicant’s transcripts by calling the school, but felt that neither the applicant’s family nor the independent school in which they enrolled him had kept school records supporting the transcripts.

In this case, after communicating with HSLDA and gathering additional information from the applicant, the department chose to accept the homeschool transcripts. HSLDA commends the LVPD for its willingness to work with us and the member family’s son in this situation.

 Other Resources

To make the job application process as easy as possible for homeschool graduates, HSLDA encourages parents to follow suggested record-keeping guidelines as found in its brochure, Recordkeeping for High School: Simplifying the Process.

Colorado independent (or “satellite”) schools are encouraged to review HSLDA’s Summary of Colorado Satellite School Law (available to HSLDA members only) for legal requirements and suggestions that benefit students. (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)