New Mexico
New Mexico

October 17, 2007

Department of Education Finally Corrects Website

The homeschool law in New Mexico is fairly straightforward: a simple notice must be submitted annually to the state superintendent. As technology progressed, the Public Education Department made it possible for people to notify online.

Even so, some families still desire to submit a hard copy of their notice of intent. One would think that such a preference would not cause controversy.

However, for a while, the Public Education Department announced that the annual notice must be submitted only online. After negotiation with officials by homeschool leaders of CAPE of New Mexico, the Public Education Department saw the light and declared that they would accept both hard copies and online notifications.

Even though this issue was resolved, the Public Education Department website still boldly proclaimed, “hard copies of the form will no longer be accepted.” This misled many people who visited the website. Long after the issue had been resolved and requests were made to remove the inaccuracy, the Public Education Department stubbornly refused to remove this language from their site.

Home School Legal Defense Association Senior Counsel Chris Klicka then contacted the Public Education Department and pointed out the discrepancy. After a few more phone calls, an explanation of the law, and about one month’s time, the Public Education Department finally changed the website and removed the misleading language. The website now explains how to use the online notification form and then states: “hard copies of the form will be accepted.”

A small victory in the continuous battle to protect homeschool freedoms!