New Jersey
New Jersey

August 5, 2004
Vernon Township Public Schools Sends Obsolete Letter

On July 7, the secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of the Vernon Township Public Schools took it upon herself to send a letter to homeschool families in their district. The letter, which went out in the name of the Assistant Superintendent, stated, in part:

"In accordance with the compulsory education law (N.J.S.A. 18A:38-25) a letter of intent is to be sent on an annual basis. ... immediately forward a letter of intention to this office indicating your child/children's birth dates and the curriculum you will be using."

An HSLDA member family faxed the letter to us and asked for assistance. New Jersey law does not obligate families to notify the school district of their intent to homeschool or describe their curriculum or provide their children's birth dates.

When we spoke with the secretary, she admitted that she had found the letter in an old file and decided to mail the letter to homeschool families. At our request, she sent a letter of correction to the families stating that New Jersey law does not require a letter of intent.

If you live in the Vernon Township Public School district, we recommend that you disregard any letter you receive from the public schools requesting a letter of intent.