May 19, 2004

New Law May End Wayne State College Discrimination

Wayne State College is one of the few public colleges in America that actively discriminates against homeschool students. Lincoln Morris, Dean of Admissions and Recruitment, still insists that homeschool students must get a GED in order to matriculate at Wayne State. He writes, "Our requirement of the GED for homeschooled students does not restrict access to the College, and is consistent with the policies of other public institutions in Nebraska, with Nebraska state statutes, and is completely non-discriminatory." Mr. Morris continues to ignore homeschool protests of this policy. Treating homeschoolers just like dropouts is discriminatory in HSLDA's opinion.

Mr. Morris thinks Wayne State College policy is consistent "with Nebraska state statutes," but newly enacted LB 868 has a provision that may change all this. Senator Pam Redfield, who sponsored LB 868, wanted very much to protect parental rights in any legislation she enacted. That is why she was careful to clarify that homeschoolers graduate from their homeschool as soon as they complete "the program of instruction offered by a school which elects pursuant to Section 79-1601 not to meet accreditation or approval requirements." That means that a homeschooler can graduate as soon as they have finished the program of instruction their parents have defined for them. As long as that program of instruction contains sufficient credits to allow them to enter college, they should be able to go straight from home to college without delay.

I have written a letter to Wayne State College, outlining the impact of this new law and asking them to reconsider their current policy. I attach an electronic copy of this letter, along with the final version of LB 868 and of Nebraska 79-730, which governs the issuance of GEDs.

Please pray for parents of graduating seniors as they seek to overcome Wayne State's current policy. If you wish to write to Wayne State about their policy, please be polite and positive. It would be especially helpful to have families contact Wayne State if they have a child who will graduate before the age of 18. These graduates are the ones that are most harmed by the current policy of exclusion.

 Other Resources

Letter from HSLDA Staff Attorney Scott Somerville to Wayne State College (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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