North Carolina
North Carolina

April 4, 2005

HSLDA Opposes the Relocation of the Division of Non-Public Education

HSLDA joins with North Carolinians for Home Education in opposing any effort to relocate the Division of Non-Public Education from the Department of Administration to the Department of Public Instruction. While this would not change the homeschool law of North Carolina, the interests of public school officials may have a detrimental impact on how homeschools are treated. For example, the Director of the Division of Non-Public Education would no longer report to the Secretary of Administration but to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction instead. This may affect various policies and record keeping procedures of the Division of Non-Public Education in a way that is not favorable to homeschools.

North Carolina is unique in the way the state administratively handles homeschools through its Department of Administration. In all other states, to the extent that homeschools are overseen by state government, the Department of Public Instruction or the Department of Education conducts the oversight. Customarily, there are different divisions or offices within the department to deal with homeschool matters. The home educators in North Carolina want to maintain the distinctive way of relating to state government through the Department of Administration, and we think that this is a good idea.

It's important to keep in mind that even if this administrative change takes place in North Carolina, it will not change the legal requirements for operating a homeschool. Parents will not report to the local school district, as some have feared, but will continue to deal only with the Division of Non-Public Education.

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