August 28, 2007

Seminary Drops GED Demand

Home School Legal Defense Association recently received the following email from a Missouri member:

I just wanted to let you know, and THANK YOU. Our middle son has just entered the seminary.

While completing his entrance requirements, we encountered an academic dean who was unfamiliar with home schooling. I explained Missouri’s law and gave her the websites for HSLDA and FHE. She was not satisfied.

We continued to work our way through channels until they insisted our son take the GED (they had his ACT scores). After explaining that we would not allow this, I gave them the number to contact our HSLDA ATTORNEY. I explained that it was not my intent to intimidate them but that I thought an attorney could answer all of their questions.

The next day, my son was admitted.

God Bless you for protecting our Parental Rights. (Name omitted at family’s request.)

This fall, homeschool grads are entering institutions of higher education all over the country—including the most prestigious—based on parent-issued diplomas. A diploma carries a message: this young person successfully completed a four-year high school program. A GED also carries a message: this young person dropped out of high school.

The family who wrote us this email wanted the world to know their son was not a dropout—that he finished all that was required for a high school diploma. The family stood on principle, and after reconsidering, the institution did the right thing.