August 31, 2004

Be Prepared!

Homeschoolers in Princeton, MN, were unpleasantly surprised to read a brief article entitled "Home School Regulations" in their school district newsletter. That article stated, "Any families considering home school education need to contact the district office regarding state regulations, benefits, and reporting system. The purpose of this announcement is to ensure that the district and homeschool families are in compliance with the State of Minnesota. Expect a visit, as allowed by law, from the superintendent's office this year."

Minnesota law does permit superintendents to request a home visit, which parents may avoid by presenting certain documentation which Minnesota law requires them to keep. In general, school districts do not try to visit every home every year. The best practice is for superintendents to reserve this authority for those relatively rare cases where there is reason to believe that a family is failing to educate a child. In those cases, the parents may prove their innocence by providing the requisite documentation. In all other cases, school districts save time and avoid problems by leaving homeschoolers alone.

The Princeton Public Schools have warned homeschoolers to "expect a visit," but vigilant HSLDA members in the district have seized the opportunity to get prepared to resist any blanket visitation policy. By standing firm and standing together, freedom loving families in Princeton can change their district policy. HSLDA will be there to help them fight for freedom.