June 10, 2003

Third Time's a Charm in Forest Lake, Minnesota

Forest Lake Area Schools has just proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks. This district has been sending homeschoolers an annual form letter that demands achievement test results by the end of the year. Home School Legal Defense Association wrote this district in 2002 to explain that standardized test results were not required, but the school district made no changes. On May 1, 2003, Forest Lake sent out a nearly identical letter, again demanding achievement test results.

HSLDA wrote to Forest Lake again on May 13, 2003, saying, "Since your district is sending misinformation to homeschoolers, I hereby request that you either (1) promptly correct your form letter and resend it to each homeschooling family… or (2) provide me with a copy of names and addresses of each homeschool family in your district so that I may do the same." Two weeks later, the Director of Special Education for Forest Lake Area Schools sent out a new form letter to each homeschool family in the district. Although the revised letter still isn't perfect, it acknowledges that homeschoolers are not obligated to provide test results to the school district.

When school districts ignore the law, homeschoolers must take action. Each family that knows and defends their rights helps to preserve the blessings of liberty for a new generation of homeschoolers. Each family that makes the decision to join HSLDA helps maintain the freedom of a movement that is changing education across the country and around the world.