June 11, 2007

Public School Threatens Homeschool Family with Court Action

When the Mund family withdrew their granddaughter from public school in order to homeschool her, they had no idea that they would run into so many problems.

Mrs. Mund sent a written notice to her granddaughter’s public school that her granddaughter would be withdrawing and be homeschooled. On the specified date, the Munds began homeschooling, but to their dismay they received a notice from the public school titled, “Non-Attendance of Children in School.” Through this notice, Mrs. Mund was told that she needed to send her granddaughter to school and to maintain regular and consecutive attendance at school for the remainder of the year. The notice also requested that Mrs. Mund attend a school conference or face court action!

Shocked, Mrs. Mund contacted Home School Legal Defense Association for help. Attorney Chris Klicka immediately sent a letter to the public school in response to the notice on behalf of Mrs. Mund. In the letter Klicka outlined the law which guarantees Mrs. Mund the right to withdraw her granddaughter from public school to homeschool her. He assured the public school in his letter that the Munds were following the law and that the conference and court action would not be necessary.

He also cancelled the school conference.

The school district backed off and Mrs. Mund has been safely homeschooling ever since without any interference from the public school.