March 3, 2005

Social Workers Harass Homeschoolers in Michigan

The P family from Grand Rapids was happily homeschooling their children when they received a knock at the door from a social worker. He tried to enter their home and persuade the family that he was their friend. The allegations were outlandish. He stated that their twelve-year-old was seen running naked down the street. This was completely false. He also had allegations, apparently from a disgruntled doctor, that one of their adopted children was harming herself.

HSLDA attorney Chris Klicka contacted the social worker and made it clear that the family was going to stand on their Fourth Amendment rights and not allow him entrance into their home or access to interview their daughter, not even by their "expert" doctors.

Instead, a private medical professional was consulted who determined that the child was not harming herself, nor did she need counseling. After many weeks of wrangling back and forth the social worker finally called Attorney Klicka to indicate that he was closing the case, and appreciated working with the family. This was after several threats that he would obtain a court order if he could not personally interview the child. Of course we did not relent, and finally the social worker did.

Ingham County Threatens Homeschooler
A single mother, Mrs. D, had recently begun homeschooling after experiencing many difficulties and threats to her children in the public school system. The family was contacted by a social worker who wanted to enter the home and interview the children. This was the second time in a year that a social worker came to investigate the family because of a tipster who simply wanted to get the family in trouble.

HSLDA convinced the social worker to drop the case.

Illogical Allegations from Social Workers
The G family, who live in Byron Point, were legally homeschooling their children. A knock came at the door from a social worker, which the mother answered. The worker insisted that the parents, who live in a very nice house, were starving their child. He threatened to take the children away. The mother denied the false allegations, but the social worker insisted that he would be back.

The G family contacted HSLDA's legal staff, and we responded to the social worker, explaining that the family was innocent of all charges and were going to stand on their Fourth Amendment rights. At the time of this printing we have heard nothing further from the social worker.