December 12, 2004

Social Worker Harasses Michigan Homeschool Family over Apprenticeship

In Taylor, Michigan, an HSLDA member family was contacted by a social worker from the Wayne County Child and Family Services about a tip they had received regarding the family's son not being in school and coming to the family's business office part time. The social worker, after explaining the allegations, requested entrance into the family's home so that he could interview the family and discover the truth of the allegations for himself. The family immediately telephoned HSLDA for help.

After discussing the allegations with the family, HSLDA Attorney, Chris Klicka, found that while the son does spend some time at the family's office, where there is a private study room, his mother is constantly supervising and interacting with him regarding his homeschooling while he is there. In the afternoons, the son spends time at the office as an apprentice and takes classes from various experts with his parents' business. In addition, the son has obtained an official apprenticeship card from the State of Michigan.

HSLDA Attorney, Chris Klicka, drafted a letter to the social worker thoroughly explaining the details he learned from the family and assuring the social worker that the family was in full compliance with the Michigan homeschool statutes and that their son was being educated successfully. Klicka then outlined Michigan law as it relates to homeschooling, further verifying the family's legality in home educating their son.

At the close of the letter, Klicka declared that the family would indeed invite the social worker to come by and explain and verify the situation, however, the family would not allow the social worker entrance into their home in order to protect their Fourth Amendment rights.

The family has not been harassed by any social worker since then. Due to this family's quick action in notifying HSLDA, as soon as they were contacted by the social worker, HSLDA was able to preserve the family's constitutional rights before they were even threatened and prevented the social worker from contacting the family again.