August 20, 2003
More Social Worker Contacts in Michigan

Michigan Investigated by Child Protective Services for Changing Doctors
Recently, the M family of Pontiac, Michigan was turned into the social services by a doctor.

The family, who is homeschooling their son, brought him into the hospital for a seizure after a high fever. The hospital referred the family to a physician. After treatment in an emergency room, they decided against the referral. The family then proceeded to set an appointment with another doctor of their own choosing. Apparently, after hearing of this, the doctor referred by the hospital called the CPS to investigate the family. When the social worker came by, Home School Legal Defense Association immediately communicated with her, explaining that the family had a right to choose whomever they wished for a doctor. HSLDA proved that this homeschooling family had set up an appointment and that the child was getting proper medical treatment. At this point, the family was left alone.

Social Worker Threatens Court Order Against Homeschool Family
In Benton Harbor, Michigan, the Bliss family was enjoying their summer. An anonymous tipster, however turned this homeschool family into the Family Independence Agency, apparently because this tipster was prejudiced against homeschooling, or does not understand it. The anonymous tipster provided very ridiculous allegations that the CPS worker insisted on investigating. The allegations stated that the family did not have running hot or cold water, that their toilets did not work, and that their house was extremely dirty. The family, although they are not required to by law, chose to allow the social worker to see their faucets and toilets so that he could flush the toilets and feel the hot water. The simple fact was that the allegations were completely false.

Nonetheless, the social worker is now threatening a court order if they do not allow for all of their children to be interviewed by the social worker. HSLDA is standing behind this family and communicating with the Family Independence Agency, explaining that the Michigan Code does not mandate that the family cooperate with them on such a request, particularly one in which the allegations have already been established as completely false. The allegations are not supported by probable cause or credible evidence and the family is clearly protected by their 4th Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. At this point, the expectation is that this case will be closed with no further harm to the family.