August 29, 2011

Prince George's County Over-Regulates Homeschoolers: Part II

A family in Prince George’s County recently told us their horror story. When the mom brought in her notice of consent to drop off in person:

“They asked for my photo ID and told me to have a seat. When they came back, they still wouldn’t give me my ID back. They said they had to have a conference with me about my information and what was required of me. There was nothing wrong with anything I gave them. After they read every single word of everything to me twice they finally gave me my ID back along with all the papers they just read to me ‘to take home and read.’ At one point I was even told I have to teach the exact same information and material as their local school they were attending when I took them out. I finally was able to leave 2½ hours later! I actually had to cancel a doctor’s appointment because of it.”

The moral of this story is: Don’t deliver your initial notice of consent or annual verification in person—especially in Prince George’s County! And of course you are neither required to teach the same information that the public schools teach nor listen to their presumptuous lecturing (as if they were the best source of advice!) when you file a notice.

Do you have your own horror story to tell about Prince George’s County? We would like to hear it!

HSLDA will assist any member family whose freedom is threatened by a school system trying to impose requirements not authorized under state regulations.