April 14, 2003

Louisiana Homeschoolers Defeat Dangerous School Records Bill

Louisiana homeschoolers are making a difference in this year's legislative process by working hard and working together to defend their liberties! Home School Legal Defense Association thanks the Louisiana Home Education Network for their hard work in opposing House Bill 63. We have just received word that HB 63 has been withdrawn.

HB 63 was intended to provide new incentives for students in public schools to pay their fines, fees, and other outstanding bills. It allowed schools to withhold copies of the student's education records in certain cases. While the law did not directly address the case of a student who withdraws from public school in order to homeschool, some school officials may have used HB 63 to try to withhold their education records.

HSLDA has brought a number of troublesome bills to the attention of our members, but we had not highlighted HB 63. Fortunately, the Louisiana Home Education Network was able to mobilize enough calls to induce the bill's sponsor, Representative Cazayoux, to contact Beryl Amedee, of the Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF) of Louisiana. Representative Cazayoux found out homeschoolers were opposed to his bill and took immediate steps to correct that problem.

HSLDA and CHEF of Louisiana directed Representative Cazayoux to the Louisiana Home Education Network. It was their hard work that brought this bill to homeschoolers' attention, and their phone calls that made Representative Cazayoux withdraw his sponsorship.

With five dangerous bills still before the Louisiana Legislature (HB 935, SB 303, SB 383, SB 460, and SB 465), homeschoolers in Louisiana still have much work to do! HSLDA encourages all Louisiana homeschoolers to seize the opportunity to attend state and local homeschool gatherings. CHEF of LA will be holding it's sixteenth annual convention in Baker, LA, on April 25-26. For more information about the CHEF convention, go to www.chefofla.org/convention.html .