August 26, 2004

Hopkins County Requests "Home Schooling Application"

The Director of Pupil Personnel at Hopkins County Board of Education sent a form letter dated August 17, 2004, to one of our member families in their school district requesting that the family complete the enclosed "Home School Notification Form" and return it to their offices no later than August 27, 2004.

The family had already sent their notification by certified mail and had proof that it was received on July 28, 2004.

The "Home School Notification Form" requested information not required under Kentucky law. Kentucky law only requires that the names, ages, and places of residence of the pupils in attendance at the school be reported to the Board of Education. However, the "Home School Notification Form" required the grade of the student and the telephone number and signature of the parent.

HSLDA Attorney Thomas J. Schmidt sent a letter in response, dated August 24, 2004, which stated that the family was not required to submit the form according to Kentucky law.

On August 25, 2004, HSLDA staff telephoned the Director of Pupil Personnel to verify that she had received the letter and understood that the family would not return the form. The Director said that the letter was automatically sent to all families, even those who had already notified, and that she was in receipt of the family's notice of intent and did not require the additional form. She also acknowledged that a homeschool family does not have to use the Hopkins County forms, and that a personal letter is sufficient.

If you live in the Hopkins County School District and received this form letter, please discard it. You are not required to fill out this form. The forms we provide, or a personal letter of intent is sufficient.