September 23, 2003

Two Young Homeschoolers Strip Searched by Social Workers

A Kansas City homeschool mom was surprised to open her front door and find two social workers. They claimed to have received a report that she abused her children, made them work all the time, physically beat them, and never let them play. The social workers insisted on questioning their toddler and first-grader.

Not content with mere questions, they insisted that the mother strip the two youngsters so the social workers could examine them for signs of physical abuse. Reluctantly, she complied. The children were humiliated as their modesty was violated in front of total strangers.

Anxious to clear themselves of all possible accusations, the family also gave the social workers written authorization to obtain private information about the children from their pediatrician.

The family thereafter contacted HSLDA. It became obvious after a review of the facts that there was absolutely no evidence of abuse or neglect. Although we could not undo what had happened, we were able to protect the family from further intrusion upon their privacy. We faxed a letter to the social workers and the family pediatrician notifying them that the authorization to gain access to medical records of the children was immediately revoked.

HSLDA has successfully defended families by arguing that the U.S. Constitution recognizes the right of parents to say, "No" when a social worker requests entry to the home in order to question and strip search children (if the authorities do not possess a warrant). We advise parents to call HSLDA at (540) 338 5600 when they are confronted by public officials demanding access to the home.