January 14, 2008

Family Told What Curriculum to Use

A member family in South Bend, Indiana recently was told by a local public school official to use specific curriculum to teach their high school age son at home.

Several years ago, the Howard family (name changed to protect their privacy) had their son tested through the public school to see if he had a learning disability. While the testing did reveal some learning disabilities, Mr. and Mrs. Howard decided to continue to teach their son at home, as they felt this was the best place for him. Even though they declined to place their son in the public school, the Howards were told they were required to meet with school officials each year to discuss their son’s learning needs.

At their most recent meeting, a school official questioned Mrs. Howard on the curriculum she used. Additionally, after being told that David spent nearly two hours a day working on his reading with personal Bible study and reading books to his younger siblings, the school official stated that this was not sufficient.

Instead, the official said she would be sending information on certain online curriculum that she wanted Mrs. Howard to use. After this meeting, the Howards contacted Home School Legal Defense Association for help.

HSLDA Staff Attorney Thomas Schmidt assured the family they were not required to use the curriculum prescribed by the school official. Additionally, Schmidt informed the Howards that they could not be required to attend the annual meetings at the public school. The family has decided to continue with privately developed program they have created for their son.