August 22, 2011

Principal Asks Governor for More Homeschool “Accountability” recently reported that public school principal Nancy Hroziencik wrote to Governor Quinn asking for “...more accountability for home schooled children, possibly by having such students take ISAT tests...”.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff called the office of Ms. Hroziencik and asked her assistant to fax a copy of the letter so he could see it. A few minutes later Woodruff received a call back. Ms. Hroziencik told him she did not have a copy because it was not actually a letter, but only a comment she wrote in the “comments” section of a routine email she received from the state.

The two had a lengthy conversation in which Woodruff explained that current laws are adequate. He said that Hroziencik's focus should be on her own accountability to the students whose parents choose public education.

Woodruff also told her about a Fox News report on a young lady named Bridget Green. She had the best grade point average in her public high school but couldn’t pass a 10th grade-level math test. She scored in the bottom 1% of all students taking the ACT college admission test.

Her apparent status as valedictorian rested on her teachers giving her excellent grades because she was a “good kid,” the article concluded. Ironically, her request to drop a PE class and take an extra math class her senior year was refused. That’s how “accountability” sometimes works in public schools.

HSLDA is not recommending that our Illinois members take any action at this point. Candidly, we expect nothing will come of Ms. Hroziencik’s comment to the governor.

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