June 11, 2010

Get GED or Get Fired

A recent homeschool grad was told to get a GED or get fired from her library job.

Tina (name changed to protect her privacy) worked part time in a local library during the last year of her high school education. Tina’s parents felt very good about her working there, and she was well-liked.

But after she finished high school, turned 18, and transitioned from part time to full time, she was told that since she was homeschooled, she must get a GED or she would lose her job. Members of HSLDA, Tina’s parents contacted us, and we provided guidance. Her parents knew they were fighting not only for Tina, but for others in a similar situation who might come after her.

Tina’s Dad then met with the library board. He insisted that Tina should not be required to get a GED since she already had a diploma. He suggested that if the board really wanted to focus on the actual qualifications of applicants, they should develop a test that measured skills that would actually be used on the job. The board didn’t sound interested, but he made his point.

A friend who came with him then asked the board, “You want to follow the law, don’t you?” Confrontational comments from board members tapered off notably after that.

The next day Tina was told that she could keep her job without getting a GED, and that she would receive back pay to the time when she should have received the same wage as other high school graduates.