August 15, 2007

Homeschool Family Faces ‘Never-Ending’ Investigation

In June of 2007 the King family (name changed to protect family’s privacy) of McHenry County, Illinois, received an unexpected visit from the Department of Children and Family Services and were told that they were the subject of an “ongoing” investigation. When Mrs. King asked what the allegations were, the case worker refused to say and simply stated that she needed to talk with the children. Mrs. King then called Home School Legal Defense Association so that the case worker could talk with her attorney. But the case worker left just as Mrs. King was about to transfer the phone to her!

Apparently, an anonymous tipster called social services due to a verbal argument between Mrs. King and her daughter. When the family arrived home after the incident and call by the tipster, three police cars were there to greet them. Mrs. King talked with the police for approximately 10 minutes, and the police also talked with and checked on the children. They found no problem.

However, one month later, the case worker repeatedly contacted the family and wanted to continue the investigation. HSLDA Senior Counsel Chris Klicka told her that she was mandated to explain the allegations to the family; he further educated her on the Fourth Amendment rights of the family, and he informed her they would not allow her in their home or to interview the children. Klicka also talked with the family and told them to send letters of recommendation to the case worker.

About a month later, the case worker called HSLDA and said that she would drop the investigation, but she just needed to see that the children were safe. She went to the King home, saw the children and left. The case was then closed, and the family has been left alone since.